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Traditionally, environmental activists have focused on one or two global issues such as polluted water or the decline of the ozone layer and expended all of their energy in attempts to find a solution to a particular environmental problem. But this has gotten very little accomplished.

The key to finding and maintaining Earth saving solutions is connecting with the people, educating every person about how the demise of the global environment relates directly to them, and empowering each individual to make changes through a specific plan of action.

The people not only have a right to know about man's destruction aimed at nature, they have a responsibility to take action in the fight to save our global ecology. And we, as activists, have an obligation to educate, empower and lead the people in this fight.

We must remove the veil of propaganda and ignorance, and enlighten the people to the painful truth that changes must be made in the way we all live for the sake of our global environment, our lives, and our children's future.

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Message from:  Earth Defense League
"The enforcement and protection of our global ecology is urgently needed if we are to prevent
passing the environmental point of no return. We are asking all individuals and groups
to join and unite with us to bring about social change to save the future for all living things."
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